VPro+, High Frequency Vibration
  • VPro+, High Frequency Vibration
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  • Propel VPro+, Effect of Frequency on Tooth Movement
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Propel VPro+ Vibration Device

Launched in 2019, VPro+ is the newest addition to the VPro series from Propel Orthodontics. The advanced vibration technology allows patients to participate in their treatments with a convenient, easy-to-use treatment aid.

Propel VPro series are the only High Frequency Vibration devices. Propel HFV devices achieve a 2.3- and 2.4- fold increase in rate of tooth movement in 10cN and 25cN orthodontic force*

VPro+ vibrates for 5 min per use at 120 Hz. VPro+ also significantly decrease biting pain and overall pain.

Compared to VPro5, VPro+ has upgraded features : Waterproof device, wireless charging, compact travel case and patient mobile application.

VPro+ is sold to dental and orthodontic clinics, only.

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Just 5 minutes a day, VPro5 accelerates tooth movement during the active phase of orthodontic treatment with either braces or aligners, reducing the overall duration. Propel VPro5 is the new technology for fast braces and fast aligners.

High Frequency Vibration, 120Hz, used by Propel VPro+ and VPro5 accelerates the tooth movement by +140%:

Tooth movement acceleration

Application of High Frequency Vibration (120Hz, 5 min/day) increases the rate of Tooth Movement 2.3-fold to 2.5-fold

*Effect of vibration on Orthodontic Tooth Movement / Vibration paradox in orthodontics: Anabolic and catabolic effects. May 7, 2018. 
...In comparison with OTM group, application of vibration at day 14 significantly increase the rate of tooth movement 2.4-fold (10 cN group) and 2.5-fold (25 cN group) (p<0.05). Similarly, at day 28 days vibration caused a 2.3- and 2.4- fold increase in rate of tooth movement in 10 cN and 25 cN groups respectively, in comparison to the OTM group… 



Like its predecessor, VPro5, the VPro+ boasts the same high-frequency vibration with upgraded features:

+ Faster tooth movement
+ Reduced refinements (Aligners)
+ Improved predictability
+ Reduced discomfort
+ Reduced bone density in the presence of orthodontic force (catabolic).
+ Increased bone density in the absence of orthodontic force (anabolic).


Like its predecessor, VPro5, the VPro+ boasts the same high-frequency vibration with upgraded features:

+ Convenient 5 minute wear time
+ Waterproof vibration device
+ Gradual ramp up to full vibration frequency at 120 Hz
+ Removable mouthpiece makes clean up a snap
+ Intuitive light notifications make for easy operation
+ Wireless charging and Compact travel case
+ Patient mobile application

Propel VPro+ travel case Patient Mobile Application


1. Charge the device fully prior to first use.

2. Download the VPro+ mobile app and follow on-boarding instructions to track your usage and share your results.
Note: the app is not necessary for device operation. 

3. Connect the Mouthpiece to the Oscillator (Base). Confirm that the device feels secure and stable.
Note: extreme force is not necessary. If you are experiencing difficulty, please flip the mouthpiece around. 

4. While wearing your Orthodontics, place the VPro+ in your mouth and bite down gently. Depress the device button to activate vibration. 

5. The device will vibrate for 5 minutes and automatically shut off after the duration of treatment. 

6. Clean after use and charge if necessary.


All light notifications are displayed from the device button, unless otherwise noted.

Blue (3 Blinks) : Session start

Blue (Slow Blinking) : Charging in Progress

Green LED (1 Blink) : App has Connected

Green (3 Blinks) : Session End

Green (Slow Blinking) : Charging Complete

Green (Blinks and Vibrates) : Device Locate

Yellow LED (2 Blinks) : Successful App Pairing

Red (1 Blink) : Critical Battery

Red (2 Blinks) : Device Reset/Reboot

Red (Back of Device) : Firmware Update/Charging


Enhance your orthodontic experience on all levels. Enjoy the user-friendly patient application optimized to keep your treatment on track. All of the features you need. None that you don’t.

+ Track usage with daily and weekly views 

+ Share results with your orthodontist 

+ Locate device with the click of a button 

Search “VPro+” in the Apple App store or Google Play store and download to your mobile device. Follow the on-boarding instructions within the app.

VPro+, Patient Mobile Application


+ VPro+ Oscillator (Base)

+ VPro+ Mouthpiece

+ Compact Charging Case

+ Charging Cable

+ Wall Adapter


Data sheet

High Frequency Vibration
120 Hz
Manufacturing by
Propel Orthodontics, USA
Patient Usage
5 minutes per day


VPro+ Patient Brochure

VPro+ Patient Brochure

Download (1.08M)

Brochure VPro+, FR

Patient Brochure VPro+, FR

Download (1022.71k)

VPro+ Broschüre, DE

VPro+ Broschüre, DE

Download (1.06M)

VPro+ Brochure, IT

Download (1.03M)

VPro+ Brochure, ES

VPro+ Brochure, ES

Download (1.03M)

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