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High Frequency Vibration

is the newest addition to the VPro series from Propel Orthodontics, which are the only High Frequency Vibration (HFV) devices in the market.

New  VPro+ by Propel Orthodontics

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Comparison Table
VPro5 New VPro+
Vibration Frequency 120 Hz 120Hz
Increase in Tooth Movement* +140% +140%
Usage per day 5 minutes 5 minutes
Waterproof  X
Charging Mini USB Wireless
Software / Application Doctor software Patient and Doctor Mobile App
Compact Travel Case X
Bluetooth(R) X

*Effect of vibration on Orthodontic Tooth Movement / Vibration paradox in orthodontics:
Anabolic and catabolic effects. May 7, 2018. 

High Frequency Vibration

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